Fly away (bonus track), 2004 год

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Fly away (bonus track)
Музыка: Окунев
Слова: Окунев

Voices callin me to skies where i belong
Tryin to follow my steps in the depth of sleepin clouds
You will wake in emptyness
Distant figures around - now i know i ll never die
you so near but still far away from empty
skies i embraced when i have gone
Fly away to the nothern sky to a holy land of mine
World where my dreams come to life
I know its hard to justify them
Am i right or wrong enough to sit around that awfull stuff
So take my hand and follow me through row of my eternity
For you i ve lived For you i ve died
Trapped in the cage of your eyes..

© 2004 Группа Арда